The Daily Slash: January 7, 2011

Chris Burns - Jan 7, 2011, 11:05pm CST
The Daily Slash: January 7, 2011

What a week! While a few of us on the R3 crew were rolling around in different parts of the world that weren’t Vegas, the bulk were rolling hard at CES 2011! The Consumer Electronics Show had blasts of this, slips of that, and a wacky array of stories and happenings that shall forever go down in the history books as a CES to be clicked with! How ever in the world will we organize all of this information? How about one big monster of a list of links, for starters? Who could we call for such a tast, hm? So much exclusive content, so much time time – I know! The Daily Slash! Get one of the biggest heaping helpings you’ve ever seen, below!

This isn’t the first and it isn’t going to be the last roundup post of CES news and info for this season. It’s one big thwack. Comb with me, if you will, through the content and devour the ingredients. Joy! PREVIEW: my favorite is the Notion Ink Adam hands-on at CES 2011 – wowie!

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Editor’s Choice
Notion Ink Adam: Benchmarks & Flash Testing [MARKIN THE BENCH!]
HTC Battery in Android Phone Blocks Bullet! [POWER]
Android Cooler for Google Flavored Drink Containment [DEW WANT]
Android beats iPhone in number of total users for first time [A WHOLE NEW WORLD]
No Android updates for Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 beyond 2.1 [NOOOOOO!!!!]
Honeycomb Hardware Requirements False [ALL LIES!]
Sony Ericsson Xperia arc Introduced at CES 2011, Features Reality Display [SO SO SO PRETTY]
Android ported to CR-48 Chrome Notebook [FRABULOUS]
Exclusive: Nexus S overclocked to 1.3GHz running flawlessly – Demo [GET SOOOME]
Samsung’s SH100 WiFi Camera Announced [I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THIS TODAY – DREAMS!]
AUDEO PFE 022 + Mic Earbuds [Review] on a Plane [BY YOURS TRULY]
SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB UDMA 7 is $1,500 CompactFlash [ONE PLEASE]
Android 3.0 Honeycomb Demo at CES Opening Keynote [Video] [SWEET AND TASTY]
Razer Switchblade gaming concept packs dynamic keyboard [Video] [YES PLEASE]

PlayStation Phone to Feature “PlayStation Pocket” Game Store?
No Further Android 2.2 Updates for Existing Xperia Devices
AT&T Will Sell iPhone 3GS for $49.00
Samsung Kies 2.0 Released
Acer Liquidmini Heading to UK on April 11 2011
Fuse Officially Announced The PowerSlice Charging Station
Verizon’s HTC Thuderbolt Unveiled
Case-Mate Unveiled iPhone 4 Cases
Dell Venue Officially Announced During CES 2011
Verizon Shows Off Android 3.0 Honeycomb at Their Keynote in CES
LG Optimus 2X Live Video
Casio Develops Bluetooth Low Energy Watch Last for 2 Years
Google Tease Android 3.0 Honeycomb on Youtube
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Officially Announced
Lexar Start Offering 32GB Class 10 microSDHC Card
Lexar Start Offering 32GB Class 10 microSDHC Card
Motorola Unveiled Verizon Bionic During CES 2011
LG Optimus Black Become Official; Comes With Super-Bright NOVA Display
HTC EVO Shift 4G Unboxing and Hands-On By SlashGear
Sony Ericsson to Introduce Xperia Arc Android Smartphone?
Overclocked Nexus S Get a Boost in Quadrant Benchmark
Xperia Play PSP Phone in the Wild Again
LG THINQ to Centralise Home Appliance in Your Smartphone
Toyota Entune Offered Mobile Application
HTC Thunderbolt Accessories Appears On Offwire
Evernote for Windows Phone 7 coming this winter
Foxconn to make smartphones for Vizio
Verizon Changing Their Upgrade Policy, No More 1-Year Upgrades
Motorola becomes two companies TODAY
Try this, if you can’t wait an official Froyo for your Epic 4G
Freescale i.MX 6 Processors Integrate Quad Cores 1.2 GHz Chips
HTC EVO Shift 4G Live Photos Leaked Out
Samsung Kies Air Wirelessly Sync Your Galaxy S
MetroPCS 4G LTE Plan Now Starting from $40
New Custom Kernel for Google Nexus S Enable 1.2GHz Overclocking

Android Community
HTC Battery in Android Phone Blocks Bullet!
HTC ThunderBolt System Dump and RUU – Leaked and Gigantic
HTC Announces New COO, Matthew Costello
Android Cooler for Google Flavored Drink Containment
LG G-Slate Appears in FCC Filing
Lookout Mobile Security Analyzes that Super Evil Geinimi Trojan
Amazing Preview of CyanogenMod 7
ViewSonic ViewPad 4 smartphone gets official
Splashtop Remote adds Android support to PC access app
Android beats iPhone in number of total users for first time
TweetDeck for Android beta v1.0.6 released
Loopt for Android gets new Move to SD Card feature
Trend Micro offers Mobile Security for Android
OpenTablet 10 packs transflective outdoor display, digital stylus
PlayStation Phone leaks with “PlayStation Pocket” game store
Hulu Plus Coming Soon to Android Devices
HTC EVO SHIFT 4G spotted at Best Buy and Sam’s Club
Samsung Announces 4G LTE Equipped Galaxy Tab & Smartphone at CES 2011
HTC ThunderBolt for Verizon Announced at CES 2011
T-Mobile G-Slate by LG gets brief tease & plenty of Honeycomb videos
Acer liquidmini hits UK from April 11 2011
Dell Venue gets official: 1GHz & curved Gorilla Glass
T-Mobile Dell Streak 7 official: HSPA+ and Tegra 2 [Video]
Google demos Android Honeycomb on Motorola Xoom at CES 2011 keynote [Video]
Get ready: CyanogenMod 7 Nightlies Very Soon
Dell Streak 7 gets T-Mobile mention ahead of launch
Bell Mobility Motorola ATRIX 4G incoming
Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA Arc gets the SlashGear hands-on treatment
Acer unveils beTouch E210 smartphone at CES
OfficeMax Android app hits V2.0 and gets new features
No Android updates for Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 beyond 2.1
Velocity Micro debuts three new Android-powered Cruz tablets
Honeycomb Hardware Requirements False
Sony Ericsson Xperia arc Introduced at CES 2011, Features Reality Display
Motorola CLIQ 2: Hands On
LG G-Slate to be released under T-Mobile
Motorola XOOM launching for Verizon first Quarter 2011
Motorola Bionic Heading to Verizon, Packing 4G LTE and qHD Display
An actual taste of Honeycomb: Android 3.0 [Updated with Video]
Pocketbook Mirasol “accidentally confirmed”
LG’s Optimus 2X Tegra 2 phone gets SlashGear hands-on treatment
Android Skype HD video calling developed by NVIDIA for Tegra 2 devices
Meizu M9 Now Available to Purchasers Outside of China
HTC Freestyle with Brew MP
Notion Ink Adam Tablet Gets Hands-On from SlashGear [Video]
AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G: Official and bragging Amazing specs
Motorola ATRIX 4G for AT&T Features Dual-Core Processor, qHD Display
HTC Inspire 4G Bringing 1Ghz Processor and New Sense UI to AT&T
HTC’s EVO Shift 4G Gets Unboxed and the Hands-On Treatment
LG Optimus Black official: NOVA display, 9.2mm thick
Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA Arc leaks: slimline 4.2″ Gingerbread phone
Verizon HTC Thunderbolt 4G leaks again: no HDMI confirmed
Engadget goes hands on with Vizio Android phone
iMediaShare shoots NASA and TED videos to TV from Android
Parrot ASTEROID car radio powered by Android
Viliv X7 and X10 Android tablets due Q1 2011
Amazon Android AppStore taking app submissions; due later in 2011
AT&T HTC Inspire 4G leaks ahead of HSPA+ launch
Android ported to CR-48 Chrome Notebook
ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Announced, 10-inch Tablet With Detachable Keyboard
ASUS EeePad MeMO Announced, Coming This Summer
ASUS EeePad Slider Unveiled
Live at the ASUS CES 2011 Press Event
Exclusive: Nexus S overclocked to 1.3GHz running flawlessly – Demo
Nexus S Glove-Friendly Touchscreen is a Winter Boon [BOON BOON BOON]
HTC Thunderbolt Accessories Appear Online
HTC Scribe to be revealed at MWC in February?
Sprint Launches ESPN Pack for Sprint ID Devices
Android NFC e-wallet service could launch in 2011 tip Google insiders
Sony PlayStation Xperia Play Poses for Photos, Shows off Android 2.3
Samsung SH100 digicam uses Galaxy S as remote-control
HTC EVO Shift 4G gets early video hands-on by Wirefly
Verizon tease “suite” of Android 4G LTE devices at CES 2011
Kindle app for Android tablets coming later in 2011
Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G gets official: $150 from Jan 9
Novartis outs two new Android apps for docs and consumers
LG Optimus 2X takes on iPhone 4 in browser test [Video]
Sharp’s 5.5-inch and 10.8-inch Galapagos tablets hit FCC
SPRiiiNG Android smartphone headed to Thailand in January
HTC EVO Shift 4G Spotted Again, Ready for Retail Release
Worms Coming To Android From EA
Vainworks Turns Rear-Facing Handset Cameras Forward
eLocity Outs Honeycomb Prematurely with New Tablet Line Announcement
Notion Ink Adam Post Portrait Mode Demo

Samsung’s SH100 WiFi Camera Announced
Leather iPod Nano Watch Band Opens Bottles, Too
Samsung Wireless Printing Service and App Revealed at CES
Pure Energy Solutions Wildcharge Pads
Kno Dual-Screen Tablet hands-on [FEATURED]
Verizon iPhone is lock-in for Jan 11 event claims WSJ
AUDEO PFE 022 + Mic Earbuds [Review] on a Plane [REVIEW]
Kinect PC support in near future tips Ballmer
Verizon stream Blu-ray quality 1080p 3D over FiOS [Video]
Verizon to pair 4G LTE smartphones with Slingbox in new offer
SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB UDMA 7 is $1,500 CompactFlash
Verizon Announces Event for January 11th [FEATURED]
Nintendo 3DS UK launch on March 1 2011?
Jobs takes $1 2010 salary; Shareholders demand “CEO succession policy”
Nintendo built 3D Game Boy Advance SP prototype; GameCube is 3D-capable
OCOSMOS OSC1 TC and OSC9 get official: tiny Oak Trail gaming tablets
Broadcom Persona ICE SoC headed to Compal tablets
Verizon & Sprint Windows Phone 7 launch by June 30 says Microsoft exec
Hanvon WISEreader E920 claims better readability
HCL Aegis low-cost home automation gateway supports WiFi, ZigBee, DLNA, HomePlug & more
ViewSonic’s ViewPad 4 Android 2.2 smartphone dislikes curves
CES 2011 NVIDIA’s Tegra Coming Out Party [ON TIME ANALYSIS]
Verizon iPhone unveil February 3 2011?
Samsung out smart TV plans: Time Warner & Comcast apps; DirecTV streaming & Adobe AIR
RIM denies Indian BlackBerry Jan 31 deadline
Mac App Store tops 1m downloads in first day
Qualcomm, Powermat & Duracell team on wireless charging
Verizon FiOS TV could hit iPad & more after IP upgrade
Acer Aspire 5252 and 4253 notebooks adopt AMD Fusion
MSI Wind Top AE220, AE2410 and AE2050 Intel and AMD touchscreen all-in-ones debut
Kent Displays shows off Boogie Board LCD Writing tablet at CES in six new colors
SteelSeries unveils Siberia Neckband headset for iPod, iPhone, and iPad
Casio EX-ZS10, EX-ZS5, EX-H30, and EX-ZR100 cameras launch
Acer Aspire One 522 AMD Fusion 1080p netbook gets official
Casio TRYX digital camera smashes conceptions about camera design
Lazaridis: “It took RIM 24 years” to achieve “true mobile computing”
Samson shows off sexy and shiny Meteor Mic
50,000 stolen iTunes accounts up for Chinese auction
Snakebyte shows off new PS3 Blu-ray remote at CES
Sceptre unveils new 3D HDTVs with screens up to 65-inches
Orb BR turns your PS3/Blu-ray player into a 1080p streamer
BlackBerry PlayBook demo and hands-on by Mike Lazaridis [FEATURED]
HomeSeer Home Troller-Mini home automation controller debuts
JVC unveils cool full HD 3D consumer camcorder
JVC unveils new line of AV multimedia receivers for vehicles at CES
Motorola XOOM UK launch confirmed
Hercules unveils new DJ 4Set DJ console at CES
Griffin Beacon makes your iPhone 4 a universal remote
Lady Gaga & Polaroid unveil Grey Label: bizarre LCD photospecs & instant printer/camera
OpenPeak OpenTablet 10: Android on Moorestown with outdoor-viewable display
Hulu Plus hitting Android “in coming months”
Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone leaked & previewed
Mac App Store receipt hack allows Angry Birds piracy, more
EA Demos Guitar Hero for Verizon 4G Devices
TeleFingers Bringing Glove Use to Capacitive Touch Screens
Accessory Workshop has the iPad Covered
OnLive MicroConsole Hands On [FEATURED]
Aisle411 iPhone App Hands On
eFun Next4 & Next6 Tablets Hands On [FEATURED]
tiwiFamily Puts the Brakes on Distracted Driving
PixelOptics emPower Electronic Eyeglasses Hands On [FEATURED]
Chumby 8 Hands on [FEATURED]
VideoSurf Visual Search Hands-On
Yurbuds Iron Man Series Earphones Guaranteed Never to Fall Out
Hands-On With Samsung’s New Verizon 4G LTE Smartphone [FEATURED]
LG Revolution Hands-On [FEATURED]
HTC ThunderBolt Hands-On [FEATURED]
Is Motorola back on top to lead in mobility? [ON TIME ANALYSIS]
ViewSonic announces Boxee integration for Televisions
Skype Unveils New Premium Package & Group Calling Feature
DECE announces UltraViolet, A New Way to Share
Samsung 4G-Enabled Galaxy Tab, Smartphone & Mobile Hotspot Announced at CES 2011 [FEATURED]
HTC ThunderBolt Made Official by Verizon [FEATURED]
Verizon 4G plans for 2011 Detailed [FEATURED]
XtremeMac Introduces Three New USB Chargers
Apple TV Shouldn’t Set the Living Room Standard [COLUMN]
T-Mobile G-Slate by LG Shown off at T-Mobile CES Event
T-Mobile Outlines 4G Plans, Announces They are Launching 42Mbps in 2011
Dell Streak 7 Shown Off at T-Mobile Event [FEATURED]
Dell Venue makes CES 2011 debut
T-Mobile’s Dell Streak 7 unveiled with Tegra 2 & HSPA+ [Video]
Skype buys Qik for online sharing & compression tech [Video]
Lenovo L2363d 3D monitor plays & records 3D with dual-webcams
Pogoplug Video streams video with on-the-fly conversion
Withings WiFi scales now put your fat on Panasonic’s VIERA HDTVs
TiVo iPad app due before end of January 2011
Android 3.0 Honeycomb Demo at CES Opening Keynote [Video] [FEATURED]
Razer Switchblade gaming concept packs dynamic keyboard [Video]
Skype Looking to Buy Qik for $100 Million, Insider Claims
RealNetworks Unifi streams from your online/offline catalogs
iriver Story HD boasts highest resolution 6-inch ereader screen
Mac App Store “Error 100″ fix suggests T&C or cache problems
T-Mobile sneaks Dell Streak 7 mention onto site
Boxee add CBS and 3D VUDU content; iPad app imminent
Android Honeycomb dual-core demands debunked
Windows Phone 7 update coming January says preview page URL
Bell grab Motorola ATRIX 4G too
AT&T iPhone 3GS now half price
Motorola ATRIX 4G replaces notebook/PC with Citrix NirvanaPhone tech [Video]
Microsoft Surface SUR40 multitouch table slims bulk & price [Video]
AOC outs 9.6mm-thick LCD and 3D display
Speakal BTS8 puts Windows 7 in a desk phone
NASA rush to rescue Spirit Mars rover as winter nears
Quirky launches Perch Wireless Speaker
Apple Mac App Store launches [FEATURED]
Panasonic launches RP-HSC200 clip type headphones for sports
Vimeo ups file size limit for Plus members
Audiovox launches first Blu-ray player for cars at CES
Acer beTouch E210 Android smartphone packs QWERTY and touchscreen
Sony Ericsson confirm no Froyo for XPERIA X10
Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc hands-on [Video] [FEATURED]
BlueAnt S3 Compact speakerphone lets drivers go hands free
Velocity Micro expands Cruz tablet line by three at CES
Sony TX and WX digital cameras at CES 2011
Sony debuts new Cyber-shot T, H, and W digital cameras at CES 2011
Sony unveils new PCs with Y, S, L PCs and new 3D F-series notebook offerings
Skype headed to Sony Bravia and Vizio Via TVs soon
Avatar Kinect, Hulu Plus & Netflix Kinect Functionality Unveiled at CES 2011
Apple Retail Employees Facing Blackout Dates for Three Weeks at End of January
Sony Dash gets update: battery, USB & new design
Olympus PEN E-PL2 official: $600 this month
NEC LT-W Cloud Communicator dual-screen Android tablet detailed
Sprint BlackBerry PlayBook 4G due Summer 2011
Casio Developing Watch That Communicates with Phone Through Bluetooth Low Energy Link
Microsoft Touch Mouse Announced, Available in June [Video]
Twitter for Mac Launching Tomorrow in Mac App Store?
Nike+ SportsWatch Will Track You While You’re Running
Jabra CRUISER2 in-car speakerphone gets official
Jabra Skype range outed: EXTREME, EASYGO, CHILL & SPEAK410
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Announced at CES 2011
Motorola Cliq 2 Unveiled [Hands-on] [FEATURED]
LG G-Slate for T-Mobile Announced at CES 2011
Motorola XOOM Officially Unveiled with Honeycomb [updated live images] [FEATURED]
Motorola Bionic for Verizon Unveiled at CES 2011
Motorola Atrix Laptop Dock Unveiled
Motorola Atrix 4G Gets Detailed, The World’s Most Powerful Smartphone [FEATURED]
Samsung Central Station Announced at CES 2011
Book of Music’s Teti Extreme Loudspeakers
Samsung MobilePrint App Announced at CES 2011
WiFi-Only Samsung Galaxy Tab Announced at CES 2011
Google Unleashes Android 3.0 Honeycomb Video, Showcases Features [Video] [FEATURED]
Microsoft Announces System on a Chip Architecture Support for Next Version of Windows
The Zeppelin Air by Bowers & Wilkins
Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series Unveiled at CES 2011
NVIDIA’s “Project Denver” to Build Custom CPU Cores for Personal Computers & Supercomputers
NVIDIA GeForce GT 500M series GPUs get official
HTC Freestyle hitting AT&T running the Brew MP Platform
NVIDIA Tegra 2 Gaming Demoed on the LG Optimus 2X
Hillcrest and Broadcom make motion-remotes simple with new BT chips
Texas Instruments Unveils New DLP Pico Technology at CES 2011
Verizon iPhone Parts Spotted?
Samsung 9 Series Notebook Announced at CES 2011
LG Optimus 2X hands-on [Video] [FEATURED]
NVIDIA develops Android Skype HD video calling for Tegra 2
NVIDIA push Tegra 2 for Superphones plus Tegra Zone app
mirasol Android tablet video tease: Mockup or Pocketbook preview?
Acer ICONIA Tab A500 for Verizon Will Support 4G LTE
Notion Ink Adam: Benchmarks & Flash Testing [FEATURED]
Acer Aspire Predator AG3600-U4082 packs Core i5 2300 and GT 420 GPU
Acer Aspire 8950G-9839 gets Core i7-2630Q in Aspire Sandy Bridge refresh
Gateway FX and DX performance PCs get Core 2011 update
MAINGEAR overclock 2nd-gen Core i7 to 5GHz in new PC range
AT&T Launching Two 4G Tablets in Second Half of 2011
Notion Ink Adam hands-on at CES 2011 [FEATURED]
AT&T Motorola ATRIX 4G official: HSPA+ & Webtop dock
MiFi 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Novatel Wireless for Sprint Announced
Intel push Core 2011 chips for entertainment; Intel Insider 1080p HD movie store
HTC Inspire 4G for AT&T Launching First Quarter 2011
HTC EVO Shift 4G Unboxing and Hands-On [FEATURED]
AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G gets official: 1.2GHz, 4.5 Super AMOLED Plus, HSPA+
Signeo SOUL by Ludacris headphones: rappers really love audio tech
LG SmartTV Upgrader ST600 detailed: Hulu Plus, Netflix, Apps & more
LG and Verizon team on 4G LTE modules for connected devices
LG Optimus Black official: super-bright NOVA display
Windows Phone 7 1st update due for CES reveal; 2nd “Mango” update will trick out browser
Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc leaks: 8MP, 4.2″ screen & super-slim [Video]
Roku hits one billionth stream; Users average 10hrs viewing per week
Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 portable document scanner unveiled
Lexar 32GB Class 10 microSDHC on sale for $150
HTC Thunderbolt 4G leaks again ahead of Verizon debut
Spotify US plans under threat as labels demand cash up-front
Isabella Mini promises instant photo sharing on your dumb digital frame or TV
Barnes & Noble NOOK kids for iPad released
Philips outs new home theater gear at CES
Qualcomm buy Atheros in $3.1bn Ubiquitous Connectivity deal
IOGEAR unveils new Wireless 3D Media Kit at CES 2011
Amino Freedom Jump MeeGo STB promises to play nicely with operators
Fujitsu LIFEBOOK laptops get Core 2011 update: T901 tablet & more
Nokia Big Screen turns N8 into a Wiimote-controlled media center
Ten One Designs Fling puts tactile control on your iPad for gaming
PS3 custom firmware hack released
Witlings Blood Pressure monitors plugs into your iPhone
Google Cr-48 gets Android install
Hercules adds to XPS audio line with new XPS 101 performance speakers
Gigabyte unveils its first AMD FusionT Mini-ITX mainboard
Speakal outs new SBPKX-100 and SB 12 iPod/iPhone docks
OnStar breaks free of GM chokehold, shows off future of LTE vehicle services
FujiFilm FinePix HS20 EXR, F550/F500 EXR digital cameras land at CES 2011
Micron RealSSD C400 high-speed NAND headed to Crucial m4 SSD
Fujifilm unveils JX, JV, FinePix Z90 digital cameras for social networking mavens
Motion CL600 rugged Win7 slate packs Oak Trail Atom
Trendnet TEW-687GA 450Mbps Wireless N Gaming adapter surfaces at CES 2011
Viliv X7 and X10 Android tablets, X70 Win7 tablet, get official
Nokia E6-00 specs leak: VGA display, QWERTY & HSPA
Fujifilm FinePix XP30 packs GPS into rugged digicam
Fujifilm S-Series super-zooms get up close with 14MP & 720p HD
Toshiba Tegra 2 tablet makes the pre-CES rounds
Toshiba Glasses-free 3D TV eyes-on [FEATURED]
Amazon AppStore for Android detailed: One-Click, Recommendations & more
AT&T’s HTC Inspire 4G leaks with Verizon HTC Thunderbolt
JVC Procision Series DLA-X7 & DLA-X9 THX-Certified 3D Projectors Unveiled at CES 2011
Amazon Kindle App Launches for Windows Phone 7
Parrot Asteroid head unit: Bringing Android to your Automobile
Sony VAIO with AMD Fusion Shown Off at CES Unveiled [FEATURED]
AMD Fusion is Here, Bringing Better Performance and Battery Life For Notebooks [FEATURED]
Cisco is Looking to Combine Internet Video and Conventional TVs, Sources Say
Oxygen Audio: O’Car and O’Dock Revealed
Joby GorillaMobile Ori & GorillaMobile Yogi iPad Stands Unveiled
Gaiam Strap-Free Touch Trainer Making Tracking Heart Rate Less of a Pain
Toyota Entune Puts the Mobile in Mobile Applications
Seagate 9mm GoFlex and GoFlex for Mac drives unveiled
Seagate Certified GoFlex Storage System will see HDDs dock in TVs, Plug PCs & more
Cricket Muve Music Allows for Unlimited Song Downloads for $55 Per Month
pipSqueak touts that “You’ll Never Miss Another Call” [LULZ YAY]
Orbitsound T14 Sound System Features Spatial Stereo Technology
ASUS Announces EeePad Slider, a Transform With Sliding Keyboard [FEATURED]
ASUS Unveils Eee Pad Transformer: Tablet/Notebook Running Android Honeycomb
ASUS Unveils The Eee Slate EP121, The World’s Most Powerful Tablet
ASUS Unveils EeePad MeMO
TeleNav teams up with QNX
OnLive slash MicroConsole by 33%; promise SRS 5.1 Surround Sound in early 2011
Softkinetic motion-controlled STB brings Kinect-style tech to HTPC
Angry Birds hits Intel AppUp center for notebooks & netbooks
Lenovo Unveils Versatile Docking Android LePad Slate
Samsung Capacitive Sensor Works with Thin Gloves [Video]
HP webOS Special Announcement Scheduled for February 9th
BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS SDK Shown Off on Video
Nintendo Announces More Than 34 Million Wii Consoles Sold in the United States
Google NFC payment & ad system could launch this year tip insiders
Toshiba Satellite C655D takes AMD Fusion to 15.6-inches
Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone Shows Off Android 2.3, New Logos
OCOSMOS OSC1 and OSC9 gaming tablet get tweaked ahead of debut
Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD and TV Link DX HD Media Players sneak out
Iomega Personal Cloud promises easy online access to data backup
Forrester up tablet forecast: 1/3 of US online consumers to have a tablet by 2015
BlackBerry PlayBook gets browser demo: Flash, HTML5, more [Video]
Tesla Model S and BMW pick Tegra for high-power infotainment systems
Sleek by 50 Cent carbon fiber headphones previewed
Samsung SH100 WiFi digicam gets remote Galaxy S control
HTC EVO Shift 4G goes head to head with EVO 4G, Motorola DROID 2 [Video]
Garmin GTU 10 GPS tracker squeals your location via AT&T
Netflix one-click remote buttons promised by Sony, Toshiba, Roku & more
Verizon LTE 4G Android “suite” promised for Jan 6 2011
Amazon Kindle apps for Android & Windows tablets promised
Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G and Novatel 3G/4G MiFi get official
MMT Monitor2Go 15.4-inch USB secondary display ideal for road-warriors
Eye-Fi Direct Mode shuttles pics straight from camera to phone/tablet
LG Optimus 2X goes head-to-head with iPhone 4 in browser showdown [Video]
Garmin StreetPilot for iPhone hits App Store
Garmin nüvi 2400 Series PNDs offer 5″ touchscreen
Hitachi unveils new CinemaStar HDDs for AV use
Samsung and RealD create RDZ 3D: active-shutter 3D with passive specs
OnLive hitting Vizio VIA smart TVs, VIA Tablet & VIA Phone
Vizio 2011 HDTV range detailed: Google TV, Theater 3D, 21:9 and more
ThinkEco modlet outlet saves power when your gear is not being used
Telekin PC alternative unveiled at CES 2011
Avatar Kinect for Xbox LIVE tipped for Microsoft CES 2011 reveal
Texas Instruments offers industry first Qi certified dev tool and chipset for wireless power
Kodak to unveil full line of new gear at CES 2011
Skype safe from Chinese VoIP smackdown insists partner
SmartFish unveils Engage Keyboard that adjusts automatically for comfort
Apple HDTV in late 2012 predicts analyst
MiLi HD to debut at CES 2011
Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 won’t launch for months
Lenovo PC modder challenge produces articulated touchscreen table, desktop arcade, more
SPRiiiNG Smartphone packs Android and heads to Thailand this month
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 gets Mac support
Vizio 21:9 Cinema Display HDTV promises 2560 x 1080p
PixelMags digital magazine app on iPhone and iPad grows significantly in Q3/Q4
Gainward shows off new GTX 580 “Good” video card
HTC Scribe to make 7-inch tablet debut at MWC 2011?
HP 100B all-in-one packs AMD Fusion APU
Silicon Power unveils new 2.5-inch portable HDD dubbed Stream S10
HP Pavilion PCs get Intel/AMD refresh plus Radeon graphics
HP ENVY 17, Pavilion dv6 & dv7 get Intel/AMD updates; Mini 210 goes pink
VIA Nano X2 dual-core super frugal chip gets official
Alcatel OT 209 “one pence” phone cocks snook to VAT increase
HP Pavilion dm1 packs E-350 AMD Fusion APU
Windows TV to launch at Microsoft CES 2011 keynote?
LG Smart TV push previewed: streaming & browser on your HDTV
Samsung Series 9 3D HDTV teases its beautiful curved stand
Iomega TV with Boxee blends STB with NAS
AMD Radeon HD 6000M series official: EyeSpeed and AMD HD3D
AMD Fusion APUs get official: DirectX 11, 1080p HD & 10hr battery life
Lenovo IdeaCentre A320, B520, B320 & C205 all-in-ones hit CES 2011
Lenovo IdeaPad S205 netbook opts for AMD instead of Atom
Lenovo IdeaPad V370, V470 and V570 push Sandy Bridge to the mainstream
Lenovo IdeaPad S100 reckons netbooks aren’t dead yet
Lenovo IdeaPad Z570, Z470 & Z370 multimedia notebooks get Sandy Bridge
Lenovo IdeaPady Y560d, Y470 & Y570 boast sub-10s boot with SDD/HDD combo
Lenovo IdeaPad B570 and B470 notebooks outed
Lenovo IdeaPad G Series notebooks get Intel or AMD Brazos Fusion chips

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