JVC unveils cool full HD 3D consumer camcorder

JVC has unveiled a new consumer 3D camcorder with full HD resolution at CES called the GS-TD1. The new camcorder is the world's first consumer offering with full HD 3D capability. The camera uses a pair of lenses with 3.32MP CMOS sensors in each lens to capture the 3D images the same way human eyes work.

The camera has 5x optical zoom and promises dynamic 3D sound as well with JVC Biphonic technology for improved audio. A 3.5-inch touch panel is offered on the side of the camera and the screen allows the user to view the 3D video recorded without needing glasses.

The camera uses a new high speed imaging engine dubbed Falconbird by JVC. The lens is rated at F1.2 for brighter video and the CMOS sensors are back illuminated. Other features include time-lapse 3D recording, 3D still shots, and the video is stored to 64GB of internal memory and can be expanded with SD cards. The camera will sell for $1999.95 in March.