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Editorial Team

Vincent Nguyen

Vincent's hunger for tech scoop makes him one of the best in the industry when it comes to getting information on breaking stories. Vincent plays an enormous part in keeping SlashGear's editorial agenda fresh and exciting. Vincent loves to travel and enjoy the challenges of covering tech show.

Chris Davies

Executive Editor
Writing for SlashGear since 2006, Chris Davies is currently the executive editor for SlashGear. Based in London, UK, & San Francisco, he's responsible for SlashGear's editorial decisions, and covers all forms of consumer technology.

Ewdison Then

Publisher & CEO
An advocate for the open source community, Ewdison Then is the co-founder of GiXiO K.K, Japan, the media content company behind SlashGear. Ewdi is responsible for editorial planning, product & business development, strategy, and building the company’s culture.

Chris Burns

Managing Editor
Chris Burns is currently the senior editor for SlashGear. Based in Fargo, North Dakota, Chris Burns responsible for editorial decisions made for the USA-based day-team of SlashGear. He has been investigating and reporting on the tech and design industry for over a decade.

JC Torres

Senior Editor
An open source contributor and holds doubly lethal degrees in Philosophy and Computer Science. When not working, he spends his time lurking and helping out in KDE Project.

Brittany Hillen

Senior Editor
Brittany write for both a living and for fun, which is a strange sort of dichotomy. She spends her days getting paler in the land of anti-sun known as the Pacific Northwest.

Eric Abent

Gaming Editor
Eric Abent has been covering the gaming industry for over a decade. He is an avid gamer himself - very passionate about gaming and its community. Eric has been writing on SlashGear since 2012.

Liaw Kim Poh

A graduate of National University of Singapore, Kim Poh runs in the tunnel of news overload to assist the editorial team on finding scoops. He resides in a beautiful country of Singapore.

Shane McGlaun

Science and Automotive Editor
Shane has been writing for SlashGear since June 2009. His writing has been published in several well known outlet such as Laptop Magazine and Computer Shopper.