Justin Owen

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Tulsa, OK
Tulsa Technology Center, Tulsa Community College, Oklahoma State University
Automotive Repair, Automotive History, Technology And Engineering Research
  • With a lifelong obsession for all things mechanical, Justin has performed repairs on airport baggage tugs, Indian-made tuk-tuks, classic Studebakers, and everything in-between.
  • Justin's automotive writing ranges from practical ("Fuel Injection Vs Carburetor: The Biggest Pros And Cons") to fascinating ("Inside The Bizarre World Of Bosozoku Cars").
  • He's also published a variety stories on aviation, including one piece that explored the fearsome history of the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle.


Justin's automotive experience began with wrenching on his first motorcycle as a teenager, which prompted him to enroll in technical school to learn how to do it professionally. He spent many years in the automotive field with stints managing dealer accessory sales, a used car service center, and a multi-line motor scooter dealer. While honing those skills in the workforce and later furthering his secondary education, writing became another talent that would merge his mechanical knowledge and passion into another profession. After landing various freelance jobs and a short stint writing for HotCars, Justin found a place at Static Media contributing to SlashGear, writing primarily on automotive topics with the occasional foray into the world of technology and computers.


Justin graduated from Tulsa Technology Center studying auto service technology before studying accounting and business at Tulsa Community College and Oklahoma State University-Tulsa.
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