Chris Davies

University Of Hull
Technology, Automotive, Smart Home
  • Chris joined SlashGear in 2006, shortly after the site first launched, and eventually rose to the position of Executive Editor.
  • A clandestine geek, he studied psychology at University and began writing about the tech world in his spare time.
  • He helped spearhead SlashGear's push into automotive, bringing a then-unseen tech perspective to car coverage in the industry.


A love of writing, a fascination with gadgets, and a whole lot of good luck kickstarted Chris' career in the media. After more than 15 years covering everything from smartphones, to supercars, to the smart home, and even the odd robot pet, he credits a combination of American enthusiasm and good old-fashioned British cynicism for keeping him focused. Along the way he's appeared on television and radio as an expert voice in the industry, hosted panels and showcases, and led the SlashGear team in building a trustworthy, distinctive, and honest resource for readers.


After a degree in psychology, Chris undertook a masters in counseling. While he may not work as a therapist today, it turns out that listening skills are just as important when you're interviewing industry executives and engineers, too.
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