Chris Burns

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Minneapolis College Of Art And Design
Smartphones, 3D Printing, Industrial Design
  • From 2008 to 2010, work with conceptual industrial design publication Yanko Design gave Chris a unique perspective on the world of consumer tech.
  • Shortly after joining SlashGear in 2010, Chris was entrusted with seeking out and capturing content at tech conferences such as CES, MWC, IFA, GDC, Google I/O and press events held by organizations such as Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Samsung.
  • His gadget collection includes rare and high-profile disasters like Google's Nexus Q, which measured its lifespan in months.


Chris has been publishing content online since internet access was delivered by mail carriers via software on CDs. As Chris has gained experience with cutting-edge technology — like the latest in 3D sculpting and drawing tablets — he's also established himself as an artist and graphic designer under the name World Famous Design Junkies. Chris tests the real-world capabilities of consumer gadgets with his creative works and expands his artistic horizons with each new review of bleeding-edge technology. Chris Burns is Senior Lead Features Editor for SlashGear.


Chris has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design.
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