Cameron Aubernon

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The Evergreen State College
Cars, Gaming, Entertainment
  • Cameron has written about cars and other modes of transportation for various publications since the early New '10s.
  • She's a casual gamer, focused mainly on iRacing and American Truck Simulator these days, though she might pop back into Grand Theft Auto Online on occasion.
  • Cameron is also a VTuber, appearing on Twitch and YouTube as Lady Aubernon. Her VTuber self has also appeared in a handful of big iRacing competitions, as well as the broadcast booth of the 24 Hours of Lemons iRacing League.


Cameron Aubernon began her writing career in the New '10s as an independent fashion blogger. The automotive world's call was stronger than the runways of New York Fashion Week, however, leading to a long drive through several publications over the decade, including The Truth About Cars, Automotive News, Hagerty, Corvette Forum, Ford Authority, and Street Trucks. Cameron was also the editor-in-chief of a short-lived online lifestyle publication in Louisville, Kentucky, and worked as an intern at WFPL-FM, the NPR affiliate in Louisville. She joined Static Media in 2021, bringing her automotive writing experience to SlashGear.


Cameron has a bachelor's in Liberal Arts from The Evergreen State College, a small, interdisciplinary liberal arts college whose Brutalist architecture sticks out against the evergreen forest in Olympia, Washington.
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