Georgina Torbet

Berlin, Germany
University Of Southampton
King's College London
Birkbeck, University Of London And University College London
Humboldt University Of Berlin
Space, Astronomy, Emerging Technologies, Home Theater
  • With over five years of writing experience, Georgina has covered everything from new technologies to psychology research.
  • She now specializes in covering space news, including human space exploration, planetary science, cosmology, and more.
  • She loves explaining complex concepts and cutting edge research to a general audience.


Georgina has written for many outlets, including Digital Trends, Engadget, Futurism, and Supercluster. She has interviewed researchers, scientists, astronauts, and space agency managers to bring space news to a general audience. Her work on the Life on Mars series, describing the technologies which will allow humans to explore the red planet, was the winner of a Dotcomm Platinum award for excellence in digital communication.


She has a master's degree in neuroscience and a PhD in psychology.
Stories By Georgina Torbet