Rob Rich

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New York, United States
College For Creative Studies (Detroit, MI)
Tech, Video Games, Action Figures
  • Rob is currently writing tech news for SlashGear and Lifewire, while also working as a columnist and Games editor for Unwinnable.
  • He's been writing news, reviews, and more about the games and tech industry since 2008, for websites like 148Apps, Pocket Gamer, Zam, Gamezebo, and IGN.
  • His current passion project is his YouTube channel, which he's used as a platform to collect and examine Transformers toys since 2016.


Rob has dreamed of writing about video games and tech ever since his first Nintendo Entertainment System, and has been living that dream since 2008. Beginning his career with a weekly column documenting Xbox Live Arcade Games for Crush! Frag! Destroy!, Rob has gone on to write for mobile review sites such as Pocket Gamer and Gamezebo, acted as Editor-in-Chief for 148Apps, and written mobile game reviews for IGN. More recently, he's been given a monthly column for Unwinnable, in addition to acting as editor for the Games section of Unwinnable's Exploits mini-magazine, and has been writing tech news for LifeWire.


Rob received his bachelor's degree in 2004, from The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI.
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