Chris Littlechild

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St. Albans, UK
University Of Hertfordshire
Ancient History, True Crime, Pop Music.
  • Since discovering the “Horrible Histories” books in 1993, and thanks to a series of inspirational teachers throughout his education, Chris has been passionate about history for thirty years.
  • He spent his honeymoon on a guided Jack the Ripper tour in the heart of Whitechapel, at the scenes of the murders themselves.
  • Chris has always delighted in delving beneath the lyrics or catchiness of a song to explore its meaning, the context of the musician who created it, and the life they lived.


Chris Littlechild has written from a young age, and now has almost 18 years of experience as a games journalist and entertainment writer. His work has appeared in a variety of other publications, from Ripley's Believe It Or Not! to WhatCulture, Screen Rant, TheGamer, Game Rant, and DualShockers. He has also found a new vocation in training new writers for the latter three publications, using his extensive experience.


Chris has a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, English Literature, History and Historical Writing from the University of Hertfordshire.
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