Eli Shayotovich

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San Francisco Bay Area, CA
San Jose State University
PC Gaming, Entertainment, History, Technology
  • Raised on the Atari 64 and graduating to Commodore's line of home computers, Eli has been playing games since the very Dawn of the Gaming Age.
  • In 1991, Eli created and moderated the "Star Wars Echo" on FidoNet, one of the first Star Wars fandom sites. He was also the president of the America Online Star Wars Fan Club on AOL.
  • Eli has written about the gaming industry off and on since 2003 for sites like AOL, Joystiq, GameDaily, Endgadget, GameSkinny, as well as Beckett Massive Online Gamer magazine. He currently writes for Game Rant and SlashGear.


Over the years Eli has gained a wide breadth of experience working in a variety of jobs, from managing a fast-paced production environment to owning his own small business. He even worked as a licensed private investigator performing undercover surveillance and investigations. Those jobs taught him patience, keen observation skills, and how to interact with people at all levels. But his passion has always been writing, whether it was about video games, craft beer, or Star Wars.


Eli holds a Bachelor of Arts in Administration of Justice.
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