Alex Hevesy

Baltimore, Maryland
Towson University
Automotive Industry, Home Improvement, Photography
  • Alex Hevesy has written hundreds of automotive blogs and articles for publications like Autoweek, Jalopnik, and Hagerty.
  • He began writing about cars after buying a tired Chrysler LeBaron convertible.
  • When he isn't obsessing over anything with an engine, Alex loves taking pictures of birds, his dog, and of course, cars.


A lifelong Marylander, Alex Hevesy has been writing professionally since 2015. Over his career, he's worked in nearly every stage of the automotive industry, from the production line to a brief stint selling cars at a dealership. Alex has driven everything from Ferraris to forklifts and steam tractors. Outside of writing, he's worked at a home improvement retailer and even a landfill. Those experiences helped him learn about the home improvement industry, power tools, and a little too much about trash.


Alex Hevesy has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Towson University in Baltimore County, Maryland.
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