Robert Dolen

United States
Hofstra University
Technology, Gaming
  • Rob has five years of experience in journalism, and three years of experience in editorial and publishing.
  • Though initially covering the video game industry, Rob's journalism career has has since expanded into tech more generally. Whether it's covering the latest RPG, or following the release of the next big Android phone, Rob's been part of the editorial process. They've written and edited for The Outerhaven, Game Rant, and Android Central previously.
  • Gaming and tech are their primary hobbies, as Rob is often found playing whatever JRPG that's captured their attention recently, or is otherwise playing whatever flavor-of-the-month multiplayer game with friends. As a side project, they're also working on a homebrew DND campaign based on the Persona/SMT universe(s).


Playing video games all their life, Rob has grown to appreciate all the work and artistic energy that's pumped into the making of titles, as well as the effort and innovation in tech that helps power them. Surrounded by computers and gaming consoles at an early age, Rob has always sought to work in tech/gaming spaces in any capacity. Beyond tech or gaming, Rob is otherwise spending time and going out with friends, hiking with their dog Squall, planning where to travel to next, or otherwise attempting to spend more time AFK.


Robert received their Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Hofstra University, where they also minored in Radio/TV/Film Production and Creative Writing.