Daniel Trock

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Florida, United States
Marist College, Western Connecticut State University
Gaming Consoles And PCs, Home Appliances, Automotive Upkeep
  • Daniel is skilled in the cleaning and restoration of both disposable and rechargeable batteries used in toys and appliances.
  • Daniel secretly installed a Roku streaming player on his parents' TV to convince them how much better streaming was than cable.
  • Daniel used to work in a car wash, where he became familiar with some of the best ways to care for a car, inside and out.


Ever since he was a kid, Daniel has had a symbiotic relationship with his electronics, especially his PC and game consoles. Over the years, he's expanded that relationship into an interest in games, hardware, and software, finding the best possible PCs to cover all of his gaming and tinkering needs. He has written gaming and hardware guides for several sites, including TheGamer and Gamer Journalist, and even wrote his Master's thesis on the history of Mario games. During his time with SlashGear, he has broadened his interests and knowledge further into home appliances, power tools, and automotive safety. He enjoys researching old gaming and PC hardware and peripherals for insight into how people have interfaced with their electronics over the years.


Daniel has a Bachelor's Degree in psychology from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, and a Master's of Fine Arts in creative and professional writing from Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Connecticut.
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