Tushar Mehta

Delhi NCR, India
USIT, GGSIP University, New Delhi
Smartphones, Consumer Electronics Like Laptops, Cameras, Or PC Monitors, Audio Accessories Like TWS Or Speakers, And Applied Technology & Big Tech
  • Tushar has been writing for eight years across fields including science & technology, automobiled, politics, culture, music, and movies.
  • He spent the last five years as a technology journalist in India, not only writing about the latest developments but also reporting directly from various events.
  • He has extensive experience in reviewing smartphones and other gadgets and can easily distinguish any Android UI like One UI or Oxygen OS from another — and even recall features on his fingertips.


Tushar works as a part-time writer at SlashGear, primarily covering the technology and automotive worlds. A petrolhead - who will renounce his admiration once his city has decent fast-charging infrastructure for EVs - Tushar has also been a devout Android lover since he got heartbroken by parting from Symbian. He loves to play with anything with a screen, but is an analog fan at his core. He also works as a freelance writer for Digital Trends and has worked as a Senior Editor for XDA Developers. Tushar is fascinated by machines that are capable of giving humans a hard time feeling relieved about retaining their jobs in the next few decades, and hopes to live long enough to see a stand-off between sentient robots and brainwashed humans. In his free time, Tushar likes to discover progressive rock bands and befriend stray animals. After retiring, he wants to build a farm where he has enough room to accommodate every senior and ailing animal in his city.


Tushar holds a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering. Instead of sitting in front of a control center at a chemical factor, Tushar chose to explore his love for technology and learn more by writing about it; he would have been a very bored and laidback Chemical engineer anyway. Despite that, he fancies learning about emerging technologies, especially those that can help save the planet from being gobbled by our tempestuous sun in his lifetime.
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