Alvin Reyes

Manila, Philippines
Airlink International Aviation School
Philippine School Of Business Administration
Auto Editorials, Auto Diagnostics, Technology
  • Alvin has many passions, but cars, airplanes, good humor, and music stand out the most.
  • Fascinated by anything with wheels at a very early age, his interest in cars grew more profound upon studying aeronautics and the intricacies of internal combustion or reciprocating engines.
  • Writing became an outlet for his many creative pursuits, mainly centering on auto news, editorials, reviews, aftermarket parts, engine tuning, and maintenance articles.


Alvin has over a decade of experience sharing his thoughts and expertise with car lovers and enthusiasts worldwide. He has a Bachelor of Science in aeronautics (major in flying) and accountancy, but the automobile remains close to his heart. His online publishing career started with a lengthy stint on Bright Hub as an automotive, aeronautics, and pet expert, while his other passion for offbeat adult humor grew during his tenure as Vindictive Vin on Public House magazine. He is currently an associate editor at, a contributing editor at AutoVision News, and the marketing director of independent filmmaker Lookback Pictures.


Alvin has a bachelor's degree in aeronautics and accountancy.
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