Casio TRYX digital camera smashes conceptions about camera design

One thing you can count on no matter who actually makes the camera you use is that they all tend to share the same basic design. Casio has pulled the wraps off a new camera that tosses that old design we are used to out the window in favor of a much cooler and highly flexible new style that lets the user swivel the screen and more to suit their needs.

The camera is called the TRYX and its only 0.59-inches thick. It has a swiveling 3-inch TFT LCD that can be rotated 270-degrees when the frame of the camera can be rotated a full 360-degrees. That allows the body of the camera to be used as a tripod or a handle when shooting over the heads of a crowd. The camera uses the Casio Exilim Engine HS for processing speed an image quality.

The camera can shoot slow motion video with speeds up to 240 frames per second. The lens is a 21mm wide-angle unit with high-speed SR zoom technology and 1.5x single frame zoon and 2x SR zoom. The camera has 12.1MP resolution and can record movies in MOV, H.264, and other formats at up to 1080p. Content is stored to SD cards. The camera will ship in April for $249.99.