Fujitsu LIFEBOOK laptops get Core 2011 update: T901 tablet & more

Fujitsu has refreshed its notebook range, adding Intel's new 2nd-gen Core 2011 processors to a new line-up of LIFEBOOK models. The new CES 2011 offerings include the 13.3-inch LIFEBOOK T901 convertible tablet PC, a pair of 12.1-inch ultraportables, the LIFEBOOK P701 and P771, and the Blu-ray toting, 3G-equipped LIFEBOOK A531 and AH531.

There's also the 13.3-inch S761 and 14-inch S751 portables, along with a mainstream 14-inch LH531 notebook. Those looking to replace their desktop can pick from the LIFEBOOK E751, a 15.6-inch performance machine, or the 17.3-inch NH751, with Blu-ray and discrete graphics.

Full specs are yet to be confirmed, as is pricing, but Fujitsu has said that the new LIFEBOOK models will get anti-bacterial keyboards, new AC adapters that have 0-watt draw when the notebook is turned off, and USB Charge mode, for recharging a PMP or phone when the LIFEBOOK is powered down. They'll begin shipping in March 2011.

Press Release:

Fujitsu Revamps Entire ESPRIMO and LIFEBOOK Lines

New ESPRIMO PC and LIFEBOOK notebook families offer convenience and cost-savings with "true family" concept

Munich, January 05, 2011

Fujitsu today announces refreshed ESPRIMO PC and LIFEBOOK notebook families, including three new ESPRIMO models and nine new LIFEBOOK models. With the new generation, Fujitsu has rethought desktop and mobile computing design and focused on ways to provide cost and time savings throughout the entire product lifecycle. The new models immediately incorporate the 2nd generation of Intel® Core™ Processor Family with new 32nm Intel microarchitecture and an impressive leap in energy-efficient performance, announced today at CES.

The new ESPRIMO PCs and LIFEBOOK notebooks are the first to feature Fujitsu's new "true family" concept, providing significant cost savings on maintenance, testing and evaluation: Typically, companies must evaluate every PC and notebook model to make sure the hardware and software is compatible with their business. The "true family" concept stands for the use of identical main components in Fujitsu systems, including motherboard, BIOS, front connector board, power supply and software images. For customers, this means they need only test one model to confirm that the entire product line is compatible with their environment. The first Fujitsu PC product lines to offer this concept are the new ESPRIMO P900 and ESPRIMO E900 series, while the LIFEBOOK E751 and LIFEBOOK S751 also share core notebook components.

The "true family" concept is a further enhancement and a consequent expansion of Fujitsu's existing family philosophy which already makes sure that notebook modules such as the modular bay for DVD drives, the second hard disk drive, second battery and port replicator are interchangeable between LIFEBOOK E751 and LIFEBOOK S751. These components are compatible with the 2010 generation models, too.

New whisper-quiet ESPRIMO PCs

Having already eliminated power consumption in off mode in its 0-Watt PCs, Fujitsu has removed another environmental burden from the 0-Watt models in the ESPRIMO PC line-up: that of noise. The new 0-Watt ESPRIMO E900 and ESPRIMO P900 "Zero Noise" models offer totally silent running in idle and "normal office" modes. Their whisper quiet operation means that the new ESPRIMO PCs are office-friendly co-workers that fit into any team.

The third new ESPRIMO is the Q900 model, which features two USB 3.0 interfaces, enabling transfer rates that are 12 times faster than USB 2.0. Despite its high performance, the ESPRIMO Q900 is the most energy efficient model in the PC range.

New LIFEBOOK line-up

With the new line-up of LIFEBOOK notebooks, Fujitsu unveils new models that round-out the portfolio to meet a wider range of customer needs. For example, the new LIFEBOOK P701 offers a 12-inch display that fills the gap between the 14-inch LIFEBOOK S751 and the 10.1-inch LIFEBOOK T580.

The new LIFEBOOK line introduces several small design features that add value, such as the 0-Watt AC adapter that draws no power at all when the notebook is in off mode, and the anti-bacterial keyboard, which helps prevent the spread of germs between notebook users. Another new feature is the anytime USB Charge mode, included in most models, which allows LIFEBOOK to charge portable devices such as mobile phones, even when switched off.

Rajat Kakar, Vice President Workplace Systems at Fujitsu Technology Solutions says: "The new PC and notebook models from Fujitsu are more energy-efficient and more powerful than ever – and the desktop PCs run so silently that you'd hardly notice they are there. With the new family concept for both ESPRIMO desktop PCs and LIFEBOOK notebooks, we are helping organizations to fast-track the introduction of updated models to their fleet of notebooks and PCs, by concentrating on the same core components right across entire model ranges."


The three new ESPRIMO models are:

· ESPRIMO Q900 mini PC

· ESPRIMO E900 E85+ / E90+ / 0-Watt small form factor PC

· ESPRIMO P900 E85+ / E90+ / 0-Watt microtower PC

There are nine new models in the LIFEBOOK family:

· LIFEBOOK T901, a 13.3-inch tablet PC

· LIFEBOOK P771, a lightweight 12.1-inch 1.4 kg notebook with Ultra Low Voltage processor for longer battery runtime

· LIFEBOOK S761, a 13.3-inch ultraportable notebook

· LIFEBOOK E751, a 15.6-inch desktop replacement with high-performance

· LIFEBOOK S751, a high-performance 14-inch portable

· LIFEBOOK P701, a lightweight 1.5 kg with a 12.1-inch display

· LIFEBOOK NH751, a 17.3-inch multimedia notebook with Blu-ray Disc™ drive and discrete graphics card

· LIFEBOOK AH531 and A531, 15.6-inch notebooks with a wide variety of options including Blu-ray Disc™ drive, discrete graphics and embedded 3G/UMTS connectivity

· LIFEBOOK LH531, a 14-inch all-rounder

Fujitsu's new ESPRIMO and LIFEBOOK family models appear on the price list from January 03, 2011 and will start shipping from March 01, 2011 across the EMEA region.