ThinkEco modlet outlet saves power when your gear is not being used

The amount of power that our gear uses when it's not even turned on will surprise many folks. Often when you turn off your computer, printer, or TV the thing is still drawing quite a bit of power that is doing nothing but running up your electric bill.ThinkEco has a new outlet that promises to cut your electric bill by cutting the vampire power draw of these devices. The modlet is a wirelessly communicating outlet that costs $50 for a dual plug modlet outlet and a USB receiver. You don't have to remove your normal outlet to use the modlet, it plugs in like a surge protector.

ThinkEco claims that the $50 you spend on the outlet will be returned in savings in electricity in six to nine months. The outlet automatically schedules the power shut off and then turns the gadgets on based on historic usage patterns. That sounds really cool and the modlet will be on display at CES this week.