Witlings Blood Pressure monitors plugs into your iPhone

You might recognize the Withings name as the company that introduced that cool scale back in late 2009 that works with an iPhone app to track your weight and can tweet your weight if you want. Withings is back with another new health related gadget for the iPhone called the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor.

This gadget is just what it sounds like, a blood pressure system that works with the iPhone. You connect the cuff device to the iPhone charge and sync port and then an app on the iPhone gives you the BP readouts and your pulse. The app can also store the readings to compare over time and share with a doctor for managing your blood pressure.

The app also interfaces with the Withings API that allows it to upload those BP readings to the Microsoft HealthVault or Google Health. The gadget will also work with the iPad or the iPod touch and will sell for $129 with availability set for this month.