RIM denies Indian BlackBerry Jan 31 deadline

Chris Davies - Jan 7, 2011
RIM denies Indian BlackBerry Jan 31 deadline

RIM has denied any looming deadline from the Indian government to cede access to secure BlackBerry messaging services, stating that reports a monitoring system must be in place by January 31 2011 lest BlackBerry users face their service being frozen are false. According to a statement quoted by the WSJ, RIM claims its “dealings with the government of India remain positive” and that “any suggestion that it is facing a Jan. 31 deadline in India is incorrect and contradicts prior clarifying comments from the government itself.”

Reports late last week had suggested that RIM was in negotiations for a further 18-24 months in which to develop a system to the Indian government’s liking, along with assurances that the messaging service would not be blocked in the meantime. However, RIM maintains that such a system is technologically infeasible, and that no deadline has been set.

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