Verizon FiOS TV could hit iPad & more after IP upgrade

Verizon is transitioning its FiOS TV broadcast system over to the same IP delivery technology as its video-on-demand and widgets, opening the door to a FiOS TV app which could allow subscribers to access their services on an iPad or other tablet, smartphone or other device. Verizon exec Joe Ambeault told Zatz Not Funny that, while subscribers won't see any difference in their traditional TV experience, the new system will allow far greater flexibility in the sort of devices FiOS TV is viewed on.

At launch, FiOS TV used IP for VOD and widgets but QAM for broadcast television; according to Ambeault there has been an ongoing effort to overhaul the infrastructure to unite all three on a managed IP network supporting multicast and interactive content. With that in place, FiOS TV could be leveraged as an app, even offered – if Verizon decided it was economically viable to them – as a streaming media service to non-FiOS internet subscribers.

More likely, though, is FiOS TV spreading out from the core TV experience at home, and being offered via apps on platforms like iOS, Android and internet-connected consoles. No timescale was given, but the development bodes well for those paying for expensive entertainment packages and wanting to view them on more than just their HDTV.