Samsung Capacitive Sensor Works with Thin Gloves [Video]

Capacitive touchscreen devices have always been a hassle when it's cold and you're wearing gloves. Many phones have trouble picking up any input from anything that is not skin to screen. However, late last night it came to our attention that the Samsung Nexus S has an extreme sensitivity level and will even pick up input through cloth such as a sweatshirt or gloves.

We ran many tests with the device and came to the conclusion that you can get input through some cotton gloves or even thick cotton material. This seems to be the case with most current-gen Samsung devices such as the Nexus S, Samsung Focus, and Galaxy Tab. Our initial tests with the Nexus S shows truly how responsive the screen is, it works flawlessly, as if you were giving the device direct finger contact.

We do not know how Samsung has produced such an impressive and responsive screen, or even if they're aware of how responsive the device is when not receiving direct fingertip contact. You can check out the video below, and see the pink glove in action as it utilizes the Nexus S' display.

[vms 3806cba3f47b93af8ccb]

[via Android Community]