Verizon iPhone is lock-in for Jan 11 event claims WSJ

Verizon's hastily-announced New York event next Tuesday will indeed mark the announcement of Apple's iPhone hitting the network, according to the WSJ's sources. The paper claims to have had the launch confirmed by a person familiar with the matter, though no further details regarding the handset have been leaked.

Apple has declined to comment on the speculation, and Verizon Wireless won't say anything beyond the fact that company president Lowell McAdam will host the event. It's unknown exactly what the specifications of the Verizon iPhone will be; the current thinking is that it will be the same iPhone 4 as we've seen on AT&T in the US, only with a CDMA EVDO Rev.A radio for Verizon's 3G voice and data network.

However, there has also been speculation that Verizon and Apple will announce an LTE-capable iPhone, which would also be able to use the carrier's high-speed 4G network. SlashGear will be at the event on Tuesday January 11 to bring you back all the details as they're announced!