Iomega TV with Boxee blends STB with NAS

Boxee has announced its second hardware partner, Iomega, who will be following the Boxee Box by D-Link with the Iomega TV with Boxee. Unlike the D-Link version, the Iomega TV will have an optional integrated hard-drive; Boxee describes the STB as "a NAS running the Boxee software."

As with the D-Link, the Iomega TV will be powered by Intel' Atom CE4100, which means 1080P HD video support along with Adobe Flash 10.1. Three hardware SKUs will be on offer, either diskless ($229) or with a 1TB ($299) or 2TB ($349) drive pre-installed. Ports include HDMI and a digital audio output.

Of course, you can also access cloud-based storage, as well as use the Iomega TV as a NAS on your network with either wired or WiFi b/g/n connections and DLNA streaming. A dual-sided remote control with a QWERTY keyboard is also included, and Boxee expect the Iomega TV to hit retail in February 2011.