Sceptre unveils new 3D HDTVs with screens up to 65-inches

Typically, when I see new TVs from Sceptre we are looking at small and medium size screens with your basic TV functionality. The company has announced several new HDTVs at CES that pack in some really nice features like 3D and have really large screen sizes uncommon to the company's offerings.

The new sets use flat screens with one LED backlit offering and others that are normal LCD sets in screen sizes of 32", 40", 42", 46", 55", and 65". All of the sets use polarized passive 3D glasses and they all use the new super slim design Sceptre is pushing.

Common features of the sets include 1080p resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, multiple HDMI inputs, and a USB port. The big 65-inch models even come with four sets of polarized glasses and the smaller screen machines come with two pairs of glasses each. All of the sets will ship in April with the high-end LED backlit 65-inch offering at $4999.99, the normal LCD 65-inch set is $3499.99, and the cheapest in the new line will sell for $599.99.