Vimeo ups file size limit for Plus members

If you are big on uploading and making your own video, you may have a few video uploading sites that you use. Most of us will think of YouTube first when uploading video, but there are other options as well like Vimeo that many people use.Vimeo has announced that it has upgraded the file size limit for video uploads for its Plus members from the 2GB limit that is in place right now to 5GB. The new 5GB file size limit is in beta. That means that users can upload larger videos without having to break them into multiple files.

Vimeo says that the 5GB file limit is enough to allow the user to upload 2.5 hours of HD video allowing for full-length documentaries and more in one go. I'd hate to think how long it would take my pokey web connection to upload 5GB of video.