Hitachi unveils new CinemaStar HDDs for AV use

Hitachi has unveiled a new HDD that is specifically aimed at the AV market. The new HDDs include a 2.5-inch units and new 3.5-inch units that are all aimed at DVRs, video surveillance and other uses for digital video recording. The 3.5-inch HDDs are the CinemaStar 5K2000 family.

The 3.5-inch HDDs include a 2TB and a 1.5TB offering. The 2.5-inch drives are in the C5K750 line and include capacities of 750GB, 640GB, and 500GB. The 2.5-inch line has 375GB of storage per platter and use 4096-byte sectors. The drives need 0.5W of power at idle and 1.5W during operation.

The 3.5-inch drives have 667GB per platter and use 4.2W of power or under at idle and produce 2.4bels of noise during operation. Hitachi says that the HDDs are shipping all around the world to customers right now.