Speakal BTS8 puts Windows 7 in a desk phone

We can't say we've ever looked at our desk phone and thought "this would be so much better with Windows 7 installed" but perhaps that's why we hardly use a landline any more. Speakal reckon there's still life in the desk phone yet, and its BTS8 "phone/personal computer hybrid" packs a 5-inch LCD display, Windows 7, a Skype-capable webcam and more.

To be honest, we're more familiar with Speakal as the providers of pig-shaped iPod docks than we know them for their computing expertise, but having a shrunken PC in a phone does make sense on some levels. Since it can handle calendar, email, SMS, faxes, contacts and call recording, together with offering the enterprise integration and support businesses require, it might be a cheaper alternative to buying a full PC for those who only use a tenth of its abilities.

There's also a browser, and it's possible to log in remotely and access data stored on the BTS8. No word on pricing at this stage, nor what sort of hardware Speakal are using.

Press Release:

Speakal Debuts New Phone/Personal Computer Hybrid

BTS8 combines Windows 7 OS with an office phone system to revolutionize business communications

On display at CES January 6-9 in the iLounge Pavilion – North Hall #4616

Culver City, CA – January 6, 2011 – Speakal, a company driven by its passion for sound, intelligent technology and innovative designs, is ecstatic to announce the BTS8, an office phone system that doubles as a personal computer. The integrated Windows 7 OS enables users to manage and record your phone calls, answer emails, and even video chat with the on board webcam via Skype. The 5" LCD display can be connected to an external monitor via VGA for enhanced visibility. Additional capabilities include fax receiving, SMS text messaging, media player, contacts management, and a calendar empowering the BTS8 to be the ultimate communications and multimedia powerhouse. You can even browse the web and reach your data remotely for optimal connectivity.

"BTS8 completely streamlines business communications and computing for the modern office" said CEO David Solomon. "Users are able to optimize connectivity and empower their phone with the advanced capabilities of Windows 7 while saving up to 90% of the power regularly used with a desktop PC" added Solomon.

Speakal is also debuting the DS910, a Bluetooth iPhone dock for users to make hands-free calls. It incorporates an easy to read LCD display, alarm clock, FM Radio, and a 3.5mm auxiliary input for other music sources.

Speakal's innovative 2011 lineup of lifestyle-oriented, intelligently designed technology solutions will be on display this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in the North Hall-iLounge Pavilion at booth #4616. To schedule an appointment, please contact Public Relations representative, Matt Shumate at mattshumate@maxborgesagency.com or 305-576-1171 x15.

For more information about Speakal visit www.speakal.com

About Speakal

Speakal Corporation is a privately held, United States company, based in Culver City, California that earned its worldwide recognition by delivering consumers unique product designs that combine intelligent technology, high quality sound, durability, and functionality. Established in 2008, Speakal was able to expand their reach and presence in the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East markets. Speakal continues to gain market share by introducing new audio product designs and diverse product lines that relate to the different end-users life styles and that hold special value for them. For more information, please visit www.speakal.com.