MiLi HD to debut at CES 2011

MiLi Power is the name of a company we have heard before with its line of power gear for mobile devices. The company is set to unveil a new product at CES 2011 called the MiLi HD that will bring content from your mobile device to your home theater gear. The MiLi HD is a docking station with HDMI output and Hi-Fi speaker outputs designed to send content to your HDTV.

The docking station is compatible with all Apple media players including the iPad and iPhone. Once docked you can shoot any content you want from the iPad or iPhone out to your TV including downloaded TV shows and movies. The dock should work with Hulu plus as well.

MiLi specifically names Netflix as one of the services that will work with the new dock. It supports resolutions up to 1080i and has a mini-USB connection as well. The dock charges your device while you are streaming content to the TV and it is Apple certified. The MiLi HD will sell for $99.99.