Ten One Designs Fling puts tactile control on your iPad for gaming

I would be that most iPad users out there spend a lot of time gaming their tablet. The thing that bothers me about some games is that you have to use those fake little on-screen joysticks. Those things are hard for me to use because you can't feel where you are pointing the control. Ten One Design has unveiled a new stick on controller for the iPad that fixes that.

The new controller stick on it called the Fling and it sticks to the iPad screen with suction cups and provides you with tactile feel for your gaming on the go. The Fling will work with any game that uses a directional pad or virtual joystick according to Ten One Design.

The main portion of the Fling is clear and you can get three different accent colors. The accents are offered in Ice, Ninja, and Ultraviolet. Each Fling ships in a carry bag and will sell for $24.95. This looks like just what I need.