HomeSeer Home Troller-Mini home automation controller debuts

For a long time if you wanted to automate your home that often meant a computer that you could put somewhere to run the automation software. Those computers could get really expensive and even if the software ran on a computer you already own you had to leave the PC on all the time. A new controller that is much smaller than a PC has debuted at CES called the HomeSeer Home Troller-Mini.

The little device is small and despite the small size, it is a powerful home automation gateway. The device is energy efficient and runs at 1GHz on the Linux platform. The device supports Z-Wave and other home automation technologies. It will send alerts, announcements, and reminders via email, text, or voice calls and can be used to monitor energy consumption in the home.

The device is expected to start shipping in Q2 2011 and will sell for under $300. That price is a far cry from other home automation controllers that can cost much more. It will work with any Z-Wave device and with other standards used by Schlage, Lutron, Leviton, Microsoft, and lots more.