Isabella Mini promises instant photo sharing on your dumb digital frame or TV

Connected digital photo frame manufacturer Isabella Products has launched their latest product, the Isabella Mini, and the USB dongle promises to make regular digital frames and TVs wireless-aware. Inside is an AT&T modem and support for Isabella's VizitMe wireless photo sharing service: users will be able to receive emailed or MMS'd photos direct to the screen from their contacts, as well as from online galleries like Photobucket.

Since the dongle is separate from the display, it can be moved around from screen to screen. Alternatively, Isabella reckon it could be popular with businesses wanting to set up straightforward digital signage systems, remotely updating content or establishing temporary displays.

No pricing for the Mini stick has been announced, nor ongoing costs, but we're assuming it'll use the same monthly plans as the existing Isabella Vizit photo frame: that means up to 100 photos received per month for $5.99 each month, or up to 1,450 photos per year for a yearly $79.99 payment.

Press Release:

Mini™ adds wireless capability, connecting millions of digital displays to VizitMe

CONCORD, MA January 5, 2011 —Isabella Products, a leading mobile Internet device and services company, today announced MiniTM, the world's first wirelessly connected USB stick for photo-sharing. Powered by the AT&T* mobile broadband network, Mini is poised to deliver real-time photo sharing to millions of unconnected digital photo frames, displays, and televisions through Isabella's VizitMe content management service. Mini will essentially allow users to connect their digital photo frames wirelessly, enabling remote access and management such that new photos can be delivered to the frame in just minutes.

By connecting to the VizitMe content management service, users can directly upload photos to Mini, securely store their photo collection, and manage their friends and family in Mini's own dedicated online contact list. Mini will also be equipped to receive third party content from partners like Photobucket and Users can simply plug Mini into their existing digital photo frame or digital television to breathe new life into a previously unconnected device. Mini will be available in Q2 2011 on and through other select online and offline retailers.

"We are extremely excited to introduce Mini as our next innovative mobile Internet device aimed at connecting families wirelessly from anywhere in the U.S." said Matthew I. Growney, Founder and CEO of Isabella Products. "The flexibility of the platform allows us to effectively connect unconnected USB-enabled digital photo frames through a pocket-sized mobile device like Mini so consumers can enjoy real-time photo sharing."

"Mini is another innovative solution from Isabella that quickly and conveniently connects family and friends through photos," said Glenn Lurie, president, emerging devices, AT&T. "By connecting over the AT&T mobile broadband network, photo frames no longer need to sit idle. We look forward to helping redefine photo-sharing for families across the nation."

Family and friends can immediately begin sending photos to Mini through a dedicated email address that connects to the frame in real-time. Mini can be enjoyed with a digital photo frame at home and taken next door where it is plugged into another display device like a digital television for friends and family to collectively watch vacation photos, share in wedding memories, celebrate an anniversary, or recap the year in pictures.

Businesses can use Mini to cost effectively create a digital signage network. Business owners or retailers can remotely manage their existing digital displays or digital televisions by using Mini and VizitMe to remotely update or modify content, target specific locations, provide custom offers, or simply enhance real-time messaging.

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*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.