HP webOS Special Announcement Scheduled for February 9th

The first part of the year is always a busy one companies, and with as much talk about what HP is bringing to the tablet for not only smartphones, but tablets as well, in the year 2011, an announcement from HP that they've got a special announcement coming up in just over a month comes as a welcomed surprise. Of course, the invitation is scant on the details, save for the date and time we should make ourselves known, but that's not going to stop the speculation train from leaving the station.

Rumors about what Palm and HP have up their sleeves are pretty vast. They cover the gamut of devices, ranging from smartphones to tablets, and encompass plenty of different aspects. Device names, rumors that Palm will unveil the "PalmPad" at CES 2011, and analysts chiming in. They all point to the possibility that, this special announcement from HP, which will have us "Think Big, Think Small, Think Beyond," will not only see one product announcement, but several different ones. Thinking big means we'll probably land ourselves a webOS-powered tablet, and any smaller than that we're more than likely looking at a new smartphone.

Anyone want to take a stab at what they think HP will announce? Any thing they want HP to announce?