Gainward shows off new GTX 580 "Good" video card

Gainward was one of the firms that was first to market with the NVIDIA GTX 580 when the video card debuted back in November. Gainward is back with a new version of the GTX 580 that is tweaked with a new cooling solution and clocked with faster speeds on the GPU and memory.

The video card looks pretty cool with dual fans to keep the card frosty. Gainward claims that the cooling solution is able to keep the GPU 12-degrees cooler than the standard heat sink used on the GTX 580 in 3D mode. When running in 2D mode the card is also very quiet at 5dB of sound output over ambient.

The real improvement here is the clock speeds of the video card. The cards core is clocked at 783MHz, the shader clock is 1566MHz, and the memory clock is 2010MHz. The card uses the same 1536MB of GDDR5 RAM as the stock version and has DisplayPort, DVI-D, and HDMI outputs.