Skype headed to Sony Bravia and Vizio Via TVs soon

If you are a fan of chatting with your friends and family, using Skype you will have access to the service on a couple more platforms really soon according to Skype. Skype reports that its service will hit the Sony Bravia line of HDTVs and the Vizio Via line of HDTVs "soon."

Exactly how soon that will be is unknown. The announcement was made today at CES 2011 in Las Vegas and the new Sony and Vizio sets will go along with the sets already available from Panasonic and Samsung that support Skype.

Skype also notes that it is working with Sony and Panasonic to bring Skype to TVs that people already have in their living rooms via new connected Blu-ray players. The goal is to integrate the service with the Blu-ray players when they are connected with a webcam for video.