Android Honeycomb dual-core demands debunked

Speculation that Android's tablet-centric Honeycomb update would demand a dual-core processor has been debunked, with Android team developer Dan Morrill confirming that in fact there's "no hard minimum processor requirement." The news will come as a relief to Samsung Galaxy Tab owners, who had faced the prospect of not seeing a Honeycomb update since the slate uses a single-core CPU.

The rumors started back when Enspert director Bobby Cha told press that Honeycomb-based tablets would require at least a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor in order to "run properly." It's unclear if that was based on faulty information, or if Cha was suggesting that single-core chips would simply struggle to offer the same sort of performance as dual-cores.

Either way, it's good news all round, and now we just need Google to commit to a release date. Still, as we've seen with Notion Ink's Adam, it's possible to make a slick Android 2.2 based tablet as long as you've taken time to suitably fettle the software.

[via Android Community]