Android Honeycomb Update Rumored to Bring Hardware Restrictions

Evan Selleck - Jan 3, 2011, 4:44 pm CST
Android Honeycomb Update Rumored to Bring Hardware Restrictions

Rumors about Google’s next version of Android are certainly picking up the pace. Unfortunately, this latest bit of information may or may not be good news. For those who have been waiting to get a tablet for something “better” than what’s available now, then the idea of Google enforcing hardware restrictions probably wouldn’t be a bad deal at all. However, if you’ve already bought a tablet that runs Android, like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, then even the smallest possibility that you may not even be allowed to update your device, because of enforced hardware limitations, may mean a lot of heartache and turmoil.

The rumor of the day, or maybe even the week, is that the next version of Android, which is said to be primarily focused on tablets, will require not only a high-resolution display (at least 1280 x 720), but also a dual-core processor under the hood. The rumor comes from Bobby Cha, who is the Director at Korean electronics company Enspert, who said that the Honeycomb-based tablets will require at least a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor to “run properly.”

If the rumor is true, and that the tablet-specific OS is meant to showcase the hardware as much as the software, then that will certainly leave most of the tablets currently available with Android out in the cold, once the update comes. Interestingly enough, Google has yet to deny, or confirm, the rumors, which have been notoriously shot down in the past.

[via Android Community]

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