Samsung and RealD create RDZ 3D: active-shutter 3D with passive specs

What do we need from CES 2011 this week? If you shouted "another 3D standard" then you'll be pleased to hear that RealD – who outfit most 3D-capable US theaters with their 3D display tech – and Samsung have been fettling a new LCD-based RDZ 3D technology for home use. RDZ uses the same 3D glasses as in theaters, meaning if you have a swanky Polaroid or Calvin Klein set you can use them at home, but pairs them with an active shutter display.

That means the glasses are still lightweight, like regular passive 3D specs, but you don't lose out on brightness or resolution as is normally the case with patterned retarder 3D systems. It also means no battery recharging, as you have with active 3D glasses, since the RDZ 3D display technology is integrated with the LCD panel, which actively syncs with the left and right eye images for full resolution high definition 3D video. Samsung is currently working on RDZ compatible panels for a new range of HDTVs.

Press Release:

RealD and Samsung LCD Jointly Develop New LCD Based RDZ™ 3D Display Technology

Full Resolution 3D Video with No Reduction of 2D Image Quality

Compatible with the Same 3D Eyewear Used in RealD 3D-Equipped Theatres Around the World

LOS ANGELES, USA and SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA (January 4, 2011) – RealD Inc. (NYSE: RLD), a leading global licensor of 3D technologies for cinema, consumer electronics and professional applications, and Samsung Electronics LCD Business announced today that the companies are jointly developing a new 3D display technology called RDZ™ that offers full resolution high definition 3D video and is compatible with the same 3D eyewear used in RealD 3D-equipped motion picture theatres around the world. Unlike patterned retarder based 3D display technologies that cut resolution in half or diminish brightness, RDZ 3D display technology delivers full resolution high definition 3D images by adopting active shutter technology on the display. Based on RealD technology used in many of the world's 3D-equipped motion picture theatres today, RDZ displays are also 2D compatible, resulting in no reduction of image quality in 2D mode.

RealD and Samsung LCD Business will be demonstrating RDZ 3D displays at CES in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2011.

"RealD is focused on delivering a premium 3D experience on screens of all sizes, from motion picture theatres to consumer electronics, and we look forward to working with Samsung LCD to develop this new 3D display technology," said Bob Mayson, President of Consumer Electronics at RealD. "Patterned-retarder based 3D TV's today reduce 3D video resolution by half for compatibility with passive 3D eyewear. Conversely, RDZ 3D displays deliver a full resolution high definition 3D experience through an active switching LCD panel that can be viewed with the same eyewear used in RealD-equipped theatres and do not compromise 2D image quality."

Seonki Kim, Master of R&D at Samsung Electronics LCD Business, said "We believe all displays should have the same high resolution video and free viewing angles both in 2D and 3D. LCD based RDZ 3D displays will offer consumers the choice of eyewear technologies without compromising image quality, which only active sync 3D technology can do."

Samsung LCD is developing displays based on RealD's proprietary RDZ 3D technology, which adopts characteristics from the company's Cinema System utilized in motion picture theatres around the world. The LCD based RDZ 3D display technology is integrated on the LCD panel and actively syncs with the left and right eye images for full resolution high definition 3D video.

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