Dell Streak 7 Shown Off at T-Mobile Event

After wrapping up their announcement on 4G, Dell came up on stage with T-Mobile and officially showed off the brand new 7-inch Dell tablet, called the Dell Streak 7. The device is already official, thanks to a press release sent out a little before, but the two companies wanted to show off their first 4G device, which will be launching on T-Mobile.

The device is similar to the Dell Streak, which is a five-inch version that was released earlier in the year. The device, featuring a two-inch larger display, it's T-Mobile's first 4G HSPA+ tablet. Dell is aiming it as a media consumption device. "Collect, consume, and share it." That is the mainstay bullet points for the device. It weighs in under one pound.

The NVIDIA dual core 1GHz processor provides faster Web browsing, better Flash usage in a web page, and better gaming on the go. It will focus on the widget-based User Interface that Dell created for the tablet devices, called Stage UI.