Sony unveils new PCs with Y, S, L PCs and new 3D F-series notebook offerings

Sony has launched several new computers at CES 2011 today. The new line includes the Sony Y-series that are thin profile machines that have 11.6-inch screens for portability. The series uses AMD E processors and can be crammed full of up to 4GB of RAM. They use LED backlit monitors and have HDMI out with pricing starting at $550. The next new offering is the S-series.

This series of notebooks is a bit larger than the first with 13.3-inch LED backlit screens and a very portable size weighing 4.4 pounds. The machine has Intel Wireless Display tech for shooting content to your TV and has a 1-inch thick profile. The rig also has a G-sensor and promises up to 7.5 hours of runtime with the extra life battery. Pricing starts at $900. The next new line is the L-series AIO touchscreen computers with 24-inch screens.

The machines have touch access to the web, TV, Blu-ray playback and more. The touchable area extends to the bezels of the screen for shortcuts to Windows function and more. The machines can also act as a DVR and come with a wall mount or V-shape stand. The price for the machines starts at about $1200. The new F-series notebooks are 3D rigs that are designed for high-end multimedia. The notebooks have high contrast screens with lots of colors and support 3D using active glasses with an integrated transmitter. The screen of the F-series is 16-inches with full 1080p resolution. The rig has a Blu-ray disc drive and HDMI output with graphics via NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M. Pricing for the machine starts at $1700.