LG Smart TV push previewed: streaming & browser on your HDTV

LG has been teasing its CES 2011 smart TV line-up over the past few days, including the ST600 Smart TV Upgrader STB, but it seems that won't be the only home entertainment kit from the Korean company. The new LK530, LV3700, LV5500, LW5600, LW6500, LW7700, LW9500, LW9700, PZ750 and PZ950 – made up of LED, LCD and plasma models – will get a redesigned UI and a Magic Motion remote control, among other things.

The main menu has slimmed down – to TV Live, Premium Content, TV Apps and Launcher Bar – and there's more focus on streaming content and LG Apps. There's also local streaming with LG Smart Share, together with a web browser on the LG Smart TV models.

Full details are expected later this week as CES 2011 kicks off properly, but we'll have to wait and see whether rumors that Google asked LG – among others – to freeze Google TV based products pan out.

Press Release:

LG electronics makes it easy to go smart with new Smart TV offerings

User-friendly Home Dashboard and Magic Motion Remote Control Provide Easy Access to Premium Content and LG App Store

SEOUL, Jan. 4, 2011 –- LG Electronics (LG) will unveil its new range of Smart TV products at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (Booth #8205) in Las Vegas. With functions that make it easy to access the full array of premium online content and LG Apps, the selection includes FULL LED 3D TVs, a CINEMA 3DTM TV, and a Plasma 3D TV.

"LG Smart TVs embody the most advanced technology on any internet-linked TVs, providing users with endless entertainment options," said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company. By listening to our consumers, we've made Smart TV so easy and simple to use that every family member can experience the benefits of advanced TV technology today, not in the distant future."

One of the features that makes LG Smart TV so easy is its simple, uncluttered Home Dashboard. With just four main sections – TV Live, Premium Content, TV Apps and Launcher Bar – the Home Dashboard ensures that viewers are never more than a few clicks from Smart TV's practically limitless content.

While many remote controls have become as cluttered with buttons as PC keyboards, LG has gone the other route and stripped the remote down to its absolute basics. With the Magic Motion Remote Control, viewers just need to move a cursor onto a desired option and click to activate their choice.

LG's Smart TV also provides instant access to an outstanding range of content, both from premium global providers such as Netflix and CinemaNow and specially selected regional content companies. In addition, the custom-made LG Apps offer everything from games to educational courses with a range of options that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

LG's Smart Share function allows users to wirelessly stream content from their PCs and other compatible devices for viewing on their television screen. Through Smart Share, users can also take advantage of N-Screen, which lets them select their preferred viewing environment. Smart Share also includes Media Link, which provides additional information, such as cover art or liner notes, for content being streamed.

Additionally, the platform includes Web Browser so users no longer need to turn on their laptop to access the internet. With this feature, news, reviews and a host of other content can be viewed on the television screen. (Web Browser available on LG Smart TV models and LG Smart TV Upgrader only).

LG Smart TV is available on a range of LG's new LED, LCD and Plasma HDTVs, including: LK530, LV3700, LV5500, LW5600, LW6500, LW7700, LW9500, LW9700, PZ750 and PZ950.

LG's Smart TV devices will be showcased for the first time at CES 2011 in Las Vegas, followed by a global roll-out in early 2011.