Google TV to miss CES: Toshiba, LG & Sharp freeze product lines

Google has reportedly frozen plans for a CES 2011 fanfare of Google TV, over fears that the system is not yet ready for primetime. The delay, tipped to the NY Times by sources close to the company's plans, suggests that Google's hardware partners – including Toshiba, LG and Sharp – have agreed to put their launch plans on hold as the search giant refines the Android-based Google TV software, based on mediocre feedback from buyers and the tech industry in general.

However, Samsung and Vizio are both still expected to launch products running Google TV, though Vizio's devices will only be open to private viewings. Toshiba VP of digital products, Jeff Barney, confirmed that the company "will not be announcing a Toshiba TV or Blu-ray player or demonstrating the products at CES," and claims that Toshiba has "an understanding with Google about the future product roadmap and will bring the right product out at the right timeframe."

The exact nature of that timeframe is currently unclear. Google released an update for Google TV last week that addressed some of the more common user complaints, but analysts are suggesting that it could be the holiday 2011 season before the platform gains traction. That would give Google time to develop the Google TV app store, as well as hopefully iron out content deals with the networks that have blocked the system.