SmartFish unveils Engage Keyboard that adjusts automatically for comfort

If Piccard made Number 1 use an ergonomic keyboard, this would be it. SmartFish has unveiled the new Engage Keyboard that is claimed to the first automated keyboard ever. The thing won't type for you, but it will adjust itself even now and again to help reduce the repetitive strain on your wrists and hands.

The idea is that the subtle change in positions will let you keep your hands from staying in the same position for too long and causing pain or injury. The Engage has the split key design that is common in ergonomic keyboards and the thing looks really cool

It appears that the adjustability of the device allows you to control the distance between the halves of the keyboard and the angle at which the keyboard tilts. This looks really cool and you can order one up now for $149.95. The automatic adjustments claim to be smooth and subtle to keep form bothering the user when the adjustments are made.