Audiovox launches first Blu-ray player for cars at CES

If you are the HD sort that can't stand to watch movies and shows in standard def after you got used to HD flicks Audiovox has the DVD player for your ride. The company has announced the first automotive Blu-ray player in the industry. The player is called the AVDBR1.

The Blu-ray player is designed to be installed under a seat or in the storage bin in a vehicle and can connect to any car monitor using HDMI, composite, or component inputs. The player has been road tested to work in horizontal or vertical orientations. Power for the player comes from a 2-pin 12V connector to the vehicles accessory power source and a full function IR remote is included.

The player also ships with an 18-foot IR extension to allow for operation of the device via remote control while the player is hidden. A firmware update will enable WiFi on the device this year. It will ship this spring for $349.99.