Telekin PC alternative unveiled at CES 2011

I would bet that there are lots of people out there that don't want a normal computer, but want to get online. There may be a lot of people out there with parents that want a computer, but lack the tech skills to operate one without driving their kids crazy with questions about a PC. A company called Telekin has announced a new PC alternative that might be perfect for the tech challenged out there.

The device is an option aimed directly at baby boomers and older folks that want to be able to get online for various reasons without having to mess with a traditional PC. The Telekin is a touchscreen that runs a special OS that allows the user to video chat, share photos, email, check a calendar, read news, get the weather, and surf the web.

It sounds a lot like a larger and easier to use tablet. It has an interesting Tech Buddy feature that will allow specific friends and family to remotely access the machine from a computer to help with any issues and show the Telekin user how to work the machine. The rig is priced at $699.99 and has all the software needed for use installed right out of the box.