Quirky launches Perch Wireless Speaker

Quirky has a new product up for pre-sale on its site called the Perch wireless speaker. The speaker is designed to work with all sorts of media players and is a dock and speaker design system that provides a tray to put your device on while it charges. The portable design of the speaker means you can take it with you any where for on the go tunes.

The speaker can connect wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth and it has a mic built into allow use as a hands free kit for your smartphone. A hinge on the back of the speaker allows it to be used in portrait mode and it has a magnetic back that connects the speaker to the dock for charging.

The dock itself is white plastic and has an integrated clock readout and alarm clock. It has an AC adapter and will work with different USB devices for charging. The Perch can be pre-ordered for $179.99 and won't ship until enough people are interested that the product is built.