Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone Shows Off Android 2.3, New Logos

While we're left waiting for Sony Ericsson to make the PlayStation Phone official, we'll just have to accept the continuous leaks of the device that keep popping up. This time around, the lucky owner manages to have two on hand to show off. However, we do get to see what version of Android the device, which will be known as either the Zeus Zi or Xperia Play (more than likely) when it launches, is running — along with a new logo on the bottom-left of the slide-out board.

Unfortunately, there aren't a flood of details herein. We do get to see that the handset, featuring that unique slide-out gamepad, is running Android 2.3 — which is in line with the Gingerbread rumors, and not necessarily the version number we had been hearing about in the past. As for the logo on the bottom-left, the four button Sony PlayStation logo can be seen clearly. Plus, the XPERIA branding is clear as day. We'll have to wait for Sony Ericsson to pull the curtain off this device for a bit longer, it seems.

[via Android Community]