SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: January 10 2011

Get ready to get your sweet collection post on starting this morning with Chris Davies CES 2011: All-Star Tablet Round-Up! Next head over to the Android side of the world with the CES 2011 Complete Android Community Breakdown! Check out the future of iOS with an On Time Analysis by Ben Bajarin by the name of Verizon iPhone – An Analysis of the Major Questions. From there, you've got one big fat lists of posts to look through from this weekend and today – so much CES 2011, so much time! Behold and be held by this new technology paradise. All this and MORE on SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up.

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Editor's Choice

Scout PS‐Series Thermal Camera by FLIR Hands-On [MUST PEEK]

Motorola XOOM Named Best in Show [EGGSELENT]

Android 2.3 Gingerbread Ported to iPhone 3G [Video] [WEIRD]

Gold-Plated Xbox 360 Up for Grabs in Tournament of Champions by The Behemoth [DO WANT]

aLOKSAK and OPSAK Bringing Military-Grade Water Protection to Consumers [DUNK]

Is Facebook Shutting Down March 15 2011? [NO]

Swiss Army Knife fits a 256GB Solid State Within [SO HARDCORE]


Windows Phone 7 Heading to Verizon & Sprint On June 30

TeleFingers Glove Comes With Capacitive of TouchScreen

PlayStation Phone to Feature "PlayStation Pocket" Game Store?

Enegizer Portable Power Travel Kit

Windows Phone 7 Heading to Verizon & Sprint On June 30

TeleFingers Glove Comes With Capacitive of TouchScreen

Android Community

AppMakr Works for Amateur and Pro Mobile App Designers, Available for Android SOON

BOOX Android eReader Hands-On at CES 2011 from SlashGear

Zombies, NOOO!!!

NOOKcolor Hacked and Given Ubuntu

Hanvon HPad A116 Android Tablet Hands-On via SlashGear

Motorola XOOM Tablet Named Best in Show at CES 2011 [BOSS!]

Android Market now on Logitech Revue via Brute Force Hack

Viliv X7 and X10: Hands On

Android 2.3 Gingerbread Ported to iPhone 3G [Video]

HTC Battery in Android Phone Blocks Bullet!

Motorola i886 for Sprint Available Now for $79.99

Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone Quick Look

Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone plays Resident Evil 2 on video

New Samsung Galaxy Tabs & dual-core Gingerbread Super AMOLED Plus smartphones next month

MeeGo on Nexus S video demo

Chrysler and Mopar unveil Android app for vehicle info

Successor to the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro smartphone surfaces in leaked pics

Rhapsody bringing on-demand music service to Verizon LTE Android Devices

Motorola ordering 800,000 XOOM tablets for Q1 alone?

Motorola XOOM Wifi-only Version Confirmed by Latin America GM

CES 2011 Complete Android Community Breakdown

Nexus S Gets MeeGo Install [PLUS How-To Included]

Powerful Nokia OMAP4 Android Device Possibly in the Works

Motorola XOOM Tablet Available for Pre-Order at Handtec

US Cellular Rolls out Froyo Update Plan for LG, Samsung, HTC Phones

Verizon Reducing Return Policy to 14 Days?

Dolphin Browser Mini V1.0 for Android Released Today!

Sony Ericsson Xperia PlayStation Phone Spotted Again, Compared to other devices

Motorola Atrix 4G and Laptop Dock Hands-On


T1 Rugged Bluetooth Headset by BlueAnt Hands-On

BlueAnt Stereo Headphones Hands On

BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Voice Controlled Headset Hands-On

BlueAnt S3 Compact Voice Answer Car Speakerphone Hands On

GOSCAM Explorer Premium Wireless Inspection Camera Hands On

Garmin Nuvi 3760T Hands On

Gold-Plated Xbox 360 Up for Grabs in Tournament of Champions by The Behemoth

Soultra Solar Powered Sound System Hands-On

BOOX eReader Hands On

Scout PS‐Series Thermal Camera by FLIR Hands-On

MultiTouch Shows Off 32- and 46-Inch Multitouch Displays at CES 2011

CES 2011: One of the Best [ON TIME ANALYSIS]

Sonic Emotion 3D Sound Line Hands-On

Haier Unveils Line of New WiFi-Enabled TVs at CES 2011

Cyber1 MasterPad Hands On

Kodak PlaySport 2 Video Camera Hands-On

Hanvon HPad A116 Hands On

Hanvon TouchPad B20 Hands On

50 Cent Platinum Headphones by Sleek Audio Hands-On

aLOKSAK and OPSAK Bringing Military-Grade Water Protection to Consumers

iTam Tam Trendy Docking Station Hands-On

freedomMIC Bluetooth Mic for iPhone 4 and Flip Video Hands-On

Motorola XOOM Named Best in Show

Samsung's HMX-H300 Consumer HD Camcorder Hands-On

Sound Egg Bringing HD Surround Sound to Modern Furniture

Samsung's RF4289 Internet Connected Refrigerator Hands-On

Flir i3 Thermal Camera Hands-On

Energizer Portable Power Travel Kit

Samsung's 3D Surround Sound Demoed

Samsung Central Station Hands-On

Samsung 9 Series Ultra-Thin Notebook Hands-On

Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series is Not A Tablet, Not Quite A PC

OWC Mercury Aura Pro SSD Unveiled for Earlier MacBook Air Models at CES 2011

Video Games Deserve As Much Respect As Movies

World's Largest Full HD 3D LED TV Showcased by Samsung

Samsung 3D Glasses Hands On

Viliv Announces X7 and X10 Android Tablets: Hands On

Actiontec MyWirelessTV HDMI Adapters Feature Cavium's PureVu Processors at CES 2011

Samsung Unveils "Worlds Thinnest 3D Blu-ray Player"

Kingston Outlines USB 3.0 Product Roadmap at CES 2011

Samsung Professional External Hard Drives Offer Up USB 3.0 Connectivity

Verizon iPhone: Why do we care? [COLUMN]

Apple pulls VLC from App Store over open-source DRM dispute

Nintendo 3DS battery only good for 3-5hrs of 3DS titles

JVC 4k2k consumer camcorder "just around the corner"

JVC GS-TD1 Full HD 3D Camcorder hands-on

OCOSMOS OSC9 Tablet PC hands-on

Samsung NX11 Unveiled at CES 2011

T-Mobile UK slashes data bundle, tells users to save video for home broadband

Palm Voice for Verizon Appears on Website, Features LTE

OmniVision OV10810 10MP CMOS shoots 1080p HD & stills simultaneously

Verizon iPhone more expensive predicts analyst, missing the point completely

Nintendo 3DS official accessories pictured

Mindflex Duel pits brain against brain

RIM told to turn off Indonesia mobile porn access or face web block

iPad wireless charger system just as fast as AC adapter

PlayStation Phone caught running PS1 ROMs on video

Samsung promise new Galaxy Tabs & dual-core Super AMOLED Plus phones for MWC 2011

Notion Ink Adam pre-orders suffer minor labeling delay?

McIntosh clock looks like its audio gear and costs as much too

DisplayLink turns iPad into second display for computers

Apple follow AT&T with $49 iPhone 3GS deal

Nintendo defends 3DS, it's not dangerous it says

CES 2011: All-Star Tablet Round-Up [COLUMN]

netTALK TV WiFi digital video device surfaces

iWatchz shows off new Carbon and Jelly nano watchbands

Bang & Olufsen teams with Intel for future gear

Kevin Rose says iPad 2 is coming soon

Leaked Pics of Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro successor surface

Verizon LTE Android devices to get exclusive Rhapsody streaming with better quality

MySpace job cuts tipped for Tuesday; up to 60% layoffs

PQ Labs shows off MultiTouch screen overlays at CES

iXtreamer goes on sale: iPad dock, HDD streamer & 1080p 7.1ch

Epson outs new line of projectors for education

PlayStation Phone leaks again & gets family reunion

Alienware M18x with twin AMD or NVIDIA GPUs incoming

Motorola XOOM WiFi-only in April; 800k shipments expected Q1

Logitech launches WiDi and Bluetooth speaker adapters; Spotify for Squeezebox

Apple scrapping 10% restocking fee on Verizon iPhone launch day

BlackBerry PlayBook chip confirmed: 1GHz TI OMAP4430

PS3 Jailbreak firmware released [Video]

Verizon iPhone at end of January with unlimited data tip insiders

Nexus S Booted to MeeGo OS

Is Facebook Shutting Down March 15 2011?

Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone Hands-On

Swiss Army Knife fits a 256GB Solid State Within

Tivizen Mobile Digital Telivision for Apple products now available

Motorola ATRIX 4G and Laptop Dock Hands On Demo [Video]

Samsung ST700 and PL170 Point and Shoot Cameras Hands-On

BlueAnt S4 Car Speakerphone Hands On

LG Revolution Hands-On [Video]

Verizon iPhone – An Analysis of the Major Questions [ON TIME ANALYSIS]

Nexus S Boots Ubuntu

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