Haier Unveils Line of New WiFi-Enabled TVs at CES 2011

For TVs, having a connection to the Internet, where users can access applications in some fashion or another, has been a big point at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. For Haier, which have officially unveiled a new line of Internet-connected TVs, it's about the hardware as much as it is the partnership that they've developed with Yahoo!.

They've announced the partnership with Yahoo! at CES 2011, and outlined the plan to incorporate Yahoo! Connected TV into the new sets with built-in WiFi. The new units will be able to access 50,000 TV shows and movies, courtesy of Yahoo! Connected TV's on-demand feature. It also means that the TVs will have access to Connected's applications, which include YouTube, CBS, Twitter, and Facebook, amongst others.

The new TVs will also feature Netflix integrated, and the remotes will feature a Netflix button as well for easy access. However, the remotes with the Netflix button will only appear on the remote controls that ship with Haier's upcoming Web-connected Blu-ray players. As of the time of this writing, the company has not said when the new TVs will be released, nor a price point for any unit.